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Inept Abandonment
28th April 2015

They abandoned me, my hope and my destiny

They cursed me useless and a waste

They didn’t know what was wrong,

And what is the actual case


They left me alone, they expected me to die

They were flattered by their misperception

With a misconception, instilling in me the fright


They spread rumors, and most fierce things

They forgot the factor I was a human being

They predicted and believed which was never there

They made my picture, showing it others to scream


I lost the faith; I tried to get it back

They put so many obstacles, snatching what I had

They believed to smash me, with the wrongful act of theirs,

They treated me inhumane, with every possible act that scares


They abandoned me, my hope my destiny,

Fortunately they couldn’t reach my soul

For that very reason, I still am alive

With all the matter, that makes me pure… 


Poem by Zoha Khalid
Zoha Khalid
Comments (4)

@Ashish: Thank you so much, :) I hope we all together inspire more and more people through our poetry :)
7th May 2015
@Sandhya: This is so beautiful, thank you for this, more than rhyming words im taking them as an inspiration :)
7th May 2015
Sandhya Nagaraj
Abandonment is but a boon
from those that judge too soon,
An untowardly curse is but a backfiring one,
one that'll make them want to take flight and run,
you have indeed shown that souls shan't be reached,
by external power however strongly unleashed,
it is but like an oyester in a shell,
Rare but one in thousands shall dwell!!
3rd May 2015
Ashish Vaidya
Very nicely written...keep up the good work Zoha
2nd May 2015