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28th April 2015


I want my poems to rhyme

Although it occupies a lot of time

First to write and then print

But what to write I don’t have a hint

There are many thoughts I can choose

Free of cost and no loosing shoes

My poems need to be

Simple and very clear

No room left for

The smallest sneer

Poems about family, pets, getting well

Poems that you hear on your heart’s yell!

Poem by Anita Tejwani
Anita Tejwani
Comments (5)

Free UR thoughts, nothing is Bought
Free UR Emotions, everything will be in Motion.... GOOD LUCK
14th September 2015
Anita Tejwani
Shruti Ma'am- am sure I will fulfill this wish of your with poetry that will make you smile :)
3rd June 2015
Anita Tejwani
Thanks a lot Ashish ji:)
3rd June 2015
Ashish Vaidya
This one brought a smile on my face. Good one :)
2nd May 2015
Shruti Balasa
Looking forward to read loads n loads of your poems Anita! :)
1st May 2015