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Take a bite!
27th June 2015

After all has been said and done,
The war still remains to be won,
It ain't all about work- so remember to have fun,
Treading along the path in moonlight, when you can't walk in the sun!

In a world where everyone thinks they're better than the rest,
While they should only be comparing with their yesterday's best,
Remember before sundown to head back to your nest,
Should matter not, others' comments, treat them only as a jest!

Those daily battles that you fight with all your might,
While dragons and hailstones are hurled from what seems a flight,
They're what matter, they're what will keep you light,
So get the momentum soaring, don't be bait, instead bite!

Poem by Sandhya Nagaraj
Sandhya Nagaraj