After all has been said and done,
The war still remains to be won,
It ain't all about work- so remember to have fun,
Treading along the path in moonlight, when you can't walk in the sun!

In a world where everyone thinks they're better than the rest,

27th June 2015
Poem by Sandhya Nagaraj

You have to be ready for a mine of dirt
If your quest is to find diamonds,
You have to read thousands of books
If your goal is to find the answers..

You have to be ready to risk falling into an abyss,
If you want to scale higher

27th June 2015
Poem by Sandhya Nagaraj

I miss being a kid

When things were pure and simple

I miss not being stressed

And laughing hard after every cry

I miss those sunday mornings,

Where waking up to cartoons was termed fulfilling

I miss those innocent days

Where complications had no place

I miss eating however much I wanted 

Without a second thought

I miss being careless

3rd June 2015
Poem by Anita Tejwani


Does it matter

What instrument I play

As long as

I’m young or grey


Look at my lyrics,

I may have to change

Some just may seem

A little strange


But if all fails

I’ll continue to enjoy

Because music to all ears

Is a wonderful toy

5th May 2015
Poem by Anita Tejwani

कतरे-कतरे में साज़ बसा है
गीत अगर सुन पाए कोई


ओस कहाँ किसी मोती से कम
उसे अगर चुन पाए कोई


है ज़र्रा-ज़र्रा राज़ छुपाए
तफ़तीश अगर कर पाए कोई


है नशा बड़ा अल्फाज़ों मैं
क्यूँ में को हाथ लगाए कोई


पर लफ़्ज़ों का मोहताज क्यूँ होना
जो खामोशी

4th May 2015
Poem by Ashish Vaidya

Hurt me..make me sore

Beat the floor

Cut me..make me bleed

Kill cant do more



4th May 2015
Poem by Ashish Vaidya

The color blind person only looks for a dash of color,

He doesn’t seek for a rainbow with seven colours..

The depressed only want a ray of hope

Not a world with a thousand suns..

The needy can make do with just one helping hand,

They don’t need the world to invest in them..

A student

4th May 2015
Poem by Sandhya Nagaraj

Love is in a cage,

It should be out there, flying…

Love has many constraints,

It should not be otherwise, lying…

When the dark clouds conquer the sky,

And the rain drops just fall down,

Love escapes from out open towards the shade,

It should be out there enjoying the rain…

Love is scared,

It should be facing all

28th April 2015
Poem by Zoha Khalid

They abandoned me, my hope and my destiny

They cursed me useless and a waste

They didn’t know what was wrong,

And what is the actual case


They left me alone, they expected me to die

They were flattered by their misperception

With a misconception, instilling in me the fright


They spread rumors, and most fierce things


28th April 2015
Poem by Zoha Khalid


I want my poems to rhyme

Although it occupies a lot of time

First to write and then print

But what to write I don’t have a hint

There are many thoughts I can choose

Free of cost and no loosing shoes

My poems need to be

Simple and very clear

No room left for

The smallest sneer

Poems about

28th April 2015
Poem by Anita Tejwani
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