Poems by Anita Tejwani

I miss being a kid

When things were pure and simple

I miss not being stressed

And laughing hard after every cry

I miss those sunday mornings,

Where waking up to cartoons was termed fulfilling

I miss those innocent days

Where complications had no place

I miss eating however much I wanted 

Without a second thought

I miss being careless

3rd June 2015
Poem by Anita Tejwani


Does it matter

What instrument I play

As long as

I’m young or grey


Look at my lyrics,

I may have to change

Some just may seem

A little strange


But if all fails

I’ll continue to enjoy

Because music to all ears

Is a wonderful toy

5th May 2015
Poem by Anita Tejwani


I want my poems to rhyme

Although it occupies a lot of time

First to write and then print

But what to write I don’t have a hint

There are many thoughts I can choose

Free of cost and no loosing shoes

My poems need to be

Simple and very clear

No room left for

The smallest sneer

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28th April 2015
Poem by Anita Tejwani
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