Poems by Sandhya Nagaraj

After all has been said and done,
The war still remains to be won,
It ain't all about work- so remember to have fun,
Treading along the path in moonlight, when you can't walk in the sun!

In a world where everyone thinks they're better than the rest,

27th June 2015
Poem by Sandhya Nagaraj

You have to be ready for a mine of dirt
If your quest is to find diamonds,
You have to read thousands of books
If your goal is to find the answers..

You have to be ready to risk falling into an abyss,
If you want to scale higher

27th June 2015
Poem by Sandhya Nagaraj

The color blind person only looks for a dash of color,

He doesn’t seek for a rainbow with seven colours..

The depressed only want a ray of hope

Not a world with a thousand suns..

The needy can make do with just one helping hand,

They don’t need the world to invest in them..

A student

4th May 2015
Poem by Sandhya Nagaraj
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